In July of 1993, Caprio Prisby Architectural Design, P.C. was started with the aspiration of becoming the best design firm in the western suburbs. Since that time our office has reworked and redeveloped the perception of architectural design to restore the artistic aspect of architecture back into the community. For years, many factors caused architectural design to stagnate, especially in the residential field. The early 90's witnessed a fundamental shift in architecture where clients simply wanted better design. This shift helped revive the artistic character in buildings. Our firm has been one of only a handful of local architectural firms that has pushed the limits of design and creativity with a vision toward the future.

We have developed an experienced and educated design team to provide our clients with the best possible design for the individual needs of their project. This means so much more than floors, walls and a roof. To be successful, the interior finishes must work with the rest of the architecture. Architecture is three-dimensional, an art form that is tangible, something that must be experienced with the senses. We believe that every part of the architecture must work together, like notes in a piece of music. Each note is important to the song just as each element of the building is essential to the design. To make sure that your project fulfills this philosophy, our office includes services to make the interior as dramatic as the exterior. We include services for interior and cabinetry design so we can create architecture with one common vision throughout. Whether your project is unique or historic, we have the design ability to make your project a masterpiece.

To become the best, we understand that the design is only part of the equation. Client satisfaction is paramount. This can only be achieved through an attention to detail. Our business philosophy is all about the details. It permeates every aspect of our firm. This allows us to create timeless architecture to delight of our clients. Many of our clients have never been through a design process before. Lets face it, how often do you need something designed? The architectural process can be confusing, even frustrating, without the proper guidance. With our process, everything from our proposals through the completion of the construction is meticulously laid out in such a way that even the most novice client will find it easy to follow. This, in turn, gives the client a level of comfort that is so important over the course of a project.

In conclusion, we believe our approach to architecture is the only method to take your project from concept to reality. We know that our architectural philosophy creates the best architecture and satisfies our clients. We invite you to browse this site to learn more about our firm in hopes that you leave with a better understanding of how we work, our design abilities and what we can do for you. If you would like to consider our firm for your project, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at any time.