Mr. & Mrs. P. Wiggin
106 East Eighth Street,
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521
Special Notes:

This Hinsdale Historical Preservation Award winner has a very unique history. The current front elevation of the home is a near-perfect restoration of an old photograph of the house, as it looked the early 1900's. Many years earlier, previous owners had removed the porch and main roof for maintenance reasons.

Our office worked with the current owners to restore the house to its original glory. This required working with the Village of Hinsdale for nearly two years to completely revise the Zoning Code as it related to building height. The house now stands nearly four feet over the old height restrictions. Without our efforts with the village, and the owner's patience, they would not have been able to restore this roof. The third level now hosts a full recreation room with thirteen-foot high ceilings. The exterior includes the waving and zigzag siding details and half round windows in the main gables that match the original photo exactly.

Of course, we didn't stop there. The scope of the project also included doubling the size of the house behind the original structure. The continuation of the exterior facade was designed to blend seamlessly. All interior trim, tile, fixtures, cabinets, stair components, etc. were designed to be historically accurate right down to the type of screws on the door hinges! Most of the lighting are antique light fixtures in lieu of recessed can lighting. No detail was overlooked.