Design is a very imperfect science. As part of our initial research, we ask key questions that help us get a better understanding of the project. We do this because we are not mind readers. Good design is a grueling ongoing process, which comes from listening to client input, exploration, and trial and error. That's why design is considered a 'process'. It is done over a series of phases. The initial design starts with the big picture. The size, spatial relationships and configuration are critical at the initial juncture. After that, we gradually explore more minute details as the project gets redesigned, revised and refined.

Each specific design phase follows the same format. First, our office spends countless hours exploring and analyzing varying options for the project. Second, we document our solutions in a simple, clear way so that the client can easily understand the design. Third, we submit drawings to the client for their review. Lastly, we have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons, the likes and dislikes of the design. This process is repeated over and over again until the designs are complete. Once complete, the Construction Documentation Phase can begin.