Nearly half the time spent on a project is spent on the design process. Once the designs are complete, the second half of the project begins. The quality and thoroughness of the construction documents are critical because they represent the final drawings for the project; the drawings that the general contractor will use for bidding and building. Understand that construction bids will be 'X' amount of money for the printed information provided by the architect. If these documents are minimal or incorrect, your construction bids will be inaccurate or incomplete. This, in turn, creates countless construction headaches and cost overruns. Often times, when we hear people complain about problems with their construction project, their problems stem from a substandard architect who provided them with poor architectural documents.

Our process has allowed us to generate a series of office standards that allow us to create consistent and accurate construction documents. Our drawings are recognized as some of the best, most complete documents in the industry. They minimize construction problems and extras, which adds to the client's satisfaction.