Once the construction documents are complete, and the general contractor has copies, post design services begin. Any architect that is concerned with the client's ultimate satisfaction wants to be included in the construction process. We are involved until the construction is complete!

Our Post Design Services include several miscellaneous services that are geared toward coordination and clarification of the project. (See Our Services - Post Design). Design and construction questions always arise. We are always available to answer these questions and to visit the project site. The last thing we want is to have the contractor assume anything. Incorrect assumptions will lead to a larger problem later on in the construction. Our participation, from the inception of the project, gives us an overall understanding of the project. This allows us to help guide the contractor through the construction.

In conclusion, the architectural process plays a very important role in your satisfaction. Make sure any architect that you are considering has the project organization outlined to a very specific level. Ambiguous, disorganized architects will create ambiguous, disorganized, incomplete and inaccurate designs. Poor architecture will doom your dream project from the very beginning. Be assured that our process has been created to meet the absolute highest standards in our profession.