This includes several miscellaneous architectural services that relate to bidding and construction. Our office can include the coordination of all construction bidding for your project as part of a competitive bid process. This includes:

  1. Preparation of a bid form,
  2. Addressing contractor's bid questions and clarifications,
  3. "Short-list" meetings with contractors,
  4. Final negotiation meetings and,
  5. Preparation work for a Construction Contract. (The actual Construction Contract will be prepared by your Attorney)

With this service, we also include additional site visits, one every week throughout construction. This helps monitor the progress and quality of the construction. Sometimes, while the project is being built, it is helpful to a client to be able to walk though the house with the architect. Many clients request this service so that we can help them better understand the actual construction. Post Design will also include the preparation of a final punch list for the general contractor.