Q: Are site visits included?
A: Absolutely. It is extremely important for your Architect to be present during the construction phase of your project. The architect has intimate knowledge of your designs; desires and they understand the construction documents. This makes the architect an invaluable part of construction. Architects who do not include site visits are clearly unconcerned with your overall satisfaction. If your architect is sincerely concerned for the success of your project, and the satisfaction of their clients, they will be present throughout construction. They will help resolve problems, select materials and ensure design conformance. Our office includes regular site visits with every project.
Q: What services are included and not included?
A: See Our Services to find out what services we include, offer or coordinate. Contact us if your have additional questions.
Q: Will I receive design sketches prior to hiring you?
A: No. Any quality Architectural Firm will not provide sketches until after they have been retained for the project. Great designs are what distinguish high-end design firms from the average office. The best design firms do not give away creative ideas for free. Also, beware of any architect that offers you drawings before you hire them. Those firms are typically substandard and they need to do provide you something extra for you to consider their firm.
Q: How will I know if you are the Designers for my project without seeing your ideas?
A: Track record and reputation! Understand that with any project, there must be a level of trust in order to provide you the ultimate designs. In order to gain our trust we advise you to call previous clients, visit finished and current construction projects, talk to contractors, engineers, building departments, suppliers; i.e. anyone that associates with our firm. We recommend doing research on every architect that you may be considering. Our previous clients were in the same boat when they started their projects. They can give you an objective review of our designs, process and coordination talents. You must establish a level of comfort with your architect and research is the best way to achieve it.
Q: Do you have construction documents from finished projects that area available for purchase?
A: No. Every project our office designs and documents is creative designed done specifically for each individual client.
Q: Do I have to use a General Contractor that you select?
A: Absolutely not. The best part of a competitive system with detailed drawings is that anyone can bid on the project. For the construction, our documents dictate a very high level of quality for the building components. Every contractor bidding on the project will be required to build to our high standards. A big variable between contractors relates to the quality of their finishes. The better the quality, the more the contractor will charge for his services. Therefore, you, as the owner, must determine what level of quality is acceptable to you, and then simply select contractors that you feel meet your level of quality.
Q: Do you carry 'Errors and Omissions' insurance?
A: Our office is completely insured and can present you with a certificate of insurance if requested.
Q: Is your work done on a computer or is it hand-drawn?
A: All of our office and architectural work is done on a computer. Our architectural documents are drawn with a program called AutoCad, which allows us to be efficient and accurate. Hand drawn documents are less reliable and are not amenable to changes yet some architects still insist on working the 'old-fashion' way. Computer drawings are clearly the best way to alleviate problems and you should only work with architects that are completely computerized.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our office is available five days a week from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We are also available until 7:00 PM on Monday and Wednesdays.
Q: How long does it take to design and document a project so that it will be ready for bidding.
A: This really depends on several factors, many of which can alter scheduling. Size, location, level of services, lot slope, style of structure, etc. present several variables that are difficult to determine. A standard project takes approximately six months for our Base Services. Our optional services will add to the timeline. Our office can be more specific once we determine the scope of the project.
Q: How much will your services cost?
A: This also varies based on similar factors and variables. Project costs can be obtained by contacting our office directly.